So, what makes AIOP so special?

It is unique and works for everybody!

The difference with AIOP is that we have designed this business to work for YOU no matter who you are or what your situation is. We do not just provide you with a program, we provide you with a complete suite of web tools sucessful marketers are using, helping you  to start, expand, build any business you want.
          We have the monthly residual pay plan formula for you, tested it and It Works!
          We pay you 100% affiliate commission for the Basic membership  level
          We pay you $10 for each Basic level referral in your downline !
          We made it possible for you to break even with your first referral !
          We put all the sought after web tools in the same place for you !
          We added  products, software, videos, ebooks and training for you!
          We provide you an excellent support 24/7 !