The Daily Action Taker

Hi there agian.

So I have decided that from now on I will make a daily blogpost.

Daily actions over time accumulates into very big results. It does not have to be very big actions in and out of themselves, but together they will mean a lot.

So what kind of blogposts will you see?

Well, to begin with it will just start as a daily update and some tips and tricks, and then just evolve from there. And hopefully it will also help me to be a better writer.

So what about this Monday?

Well to start with I will make this blogpost and share it on Facebook, Twitter, CashJuice and with my list (use the form in the sidebar to get those updates).

I also expect to complete some surveys on ClixSense, TimeBucks and NeoBux, surveys have a tendency to be in plenty supply from Monday afternoon until Saturday morning and then be kind of low on weekends.

The best thing about surveys is that they pay a lot better than any other paid actions in the internet marketing arena, and these programs also have very favorable referral programs.

The worst thing is that they do not pay very good on an hourly basis compared to a job (Just Over Broke). But that is also kind of a moot point, because that’s not the reason to do them in the first place.

“It takes money to make money”

This is the reason to complete surveys for cash, it provides the startup capital needed for creating an actual online income, without any need to take that money from your own pocket, profit from day one.

Completing surveys pays a few dollars per day, given that you live in an area where you are a prime target for those surveys, that you provide honest and consistent answers, and that you are persistent and look for new surveys multiple times per day.

This is how you succeed with surveys, and if you are not a prime target for the surveys then you can always use the referral program and earn a commission from the work of the ones who are (at no extra cost to them of course).

So this is the reason why I complete surveys on a daily basis.

I also plan to do a bit of surfing to build my list, and my downlines.


So this is my Monday.

How about yours?


Erik Gustafsson