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SkyWay Today's Huge Income Opportunity!

Welcome and thank you for reading about SkyWay technology. My Name is Milos Sakic and
I have been involved with this project since 2017. It is a crowd investing platform for financing the new
technology of transportation started in 2014.

To simplify. Small or large investors take part in future company shares. It is a good option for everyone
because there is no need to recruit anyone if a person doesn’t want too. Some people make network and
referral structures, some only invest and wait for profit.

Company development is divided into 15 stages. Currently, we are in 14.1 stage. After the 15-th stage when the
company finishes financing and starts building commercial projects, we are going out to the share market with
a share price of 1$.

The project is developing really fast and besides our eco technopark built in Belarus, we have another on our
way in Emirates where we will have also. Firs commercial project will be built in Dubai.

Our vehicles use blockchain technology and it is invented by Anatolij Junitski who worked in the Soviet
space program for years. So the technology of SkyWay vehicles has been developing for 40 years and finally
started in 2014 trough SkyWay Capital platform for financing.

The main reason or question is why would we collect funds this way? The answer is simple. Noone especially banks
don’t want to be involved with projects with high risk.

In earlier stages, the risk was very high because there were only projects and designs on papers. Now the situation
is completely different and the company now has more than 1300 employees and has a part in world biggest events
connected with new technology and transportation.

Thank you for your interest in SkyWay…
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