The TDL Machine is breaking all records

From the Ultimate Cooperative Traffic Exchange

A few months ago i set about adding a new feature to my Traffic Cooperative.

I was trying to figure out what the members needed next seeing as they had the traffic perhaps they now needed the motivation or push in order to start earning an income?

That’s when I came across a part of my website that was not really being used. The Dynamic Downline Builder.

Now you would think a builder that only showed programs that the users had voted up and was dynamic in that the vote would only last 30 days before it would have to be voted again or be moved over to the non-promotable list would be just the thing members are looking for to maintain the longest and most reliable programs but you’d be wrong.

Is it possible that a list of programs and a field to add referral links is detrimental to a site that promotes members programs in a huge cooperative rotator? Possibly and that could well be the reason it didn’t catch on but I like to be challenged and so i came up with a new idea.

Why not take one of those programs and build it as a whole cooperative effort? It needed a program with a long history and held value to marketers but what could that program be?

After a few days coding the new feature into the system I finally decided that Clixsense would be the program. After all it had 8 levels of earning and cost nothing to join and in that kind of system a sponsor could make more money if the user did not upgrade so it seemed to be the perfect choice!

So I launched the CS Machine and in 5 days it accumulated 52 signups of which 46 upgraded! This was a milestone considering Clixsense has been around for over 10 years and had a massive memberbase.

But then, and to everyones surprise, Clixsense suddenly changed its terms and removed the 8 level affiliate system as well as any and all advertising on their site including the PTC element which many people had based their incomes on. Instead Clixsense decided to become a survey site. A move that may well be detrimental to their longevity.

This was a problem because the Machine was still working but the members who joined it could no longer upgrade or view ads in Clixsense so nothing was being made.

So on July 2nd I got talking with the owners of AIOP (All in one Profits) and worked with their coders to integrate another element to the Machine and so the TDL AIOP Machine was born.

So it’s been running for 3 weeks now and what are the results?

247 Signups with 153 Upgraded! Let’s put that into context.

Basic membership at AIOP is $11.50 of which $1.50 is administrative fees and $10 goes to your sponsor so 153 x $10 is $1,530 in just over 3 weeks!

Pro membership is $21.50 again with $1.50 as administrative fees and $15 goes to your sponsor so 153 x $15 =  $2,295 again in just over 3 weeks!

Now of course that $1,530 or $2,295 did not all go to me as the owner. It was given to the members within the Machine and what did they need to do to get it? Nothing more than join AIOP and upgrade. They didn’t even need to promote it.

And lets not forget the vlaue AIOP brings to anyone in the network marketing industry. Its a whole suite of tools for any level marketer so theres the value in product!

Now tell me any other system that gives you paid signups without you even needing to promote?

And so that’s what the TDL Machine does and continues to do and if you are not a part of it yet just check out the comments in the members area of TDL (The Downliner).


Hope to see anybody reading this in the Machine very soon. Earn without promo has never been done like this before and its a great way to step onto the ladder of earning more than you spend in network marketing!