Traditional job versus Network Marketing.

Why it is good to embrace Networking.

Traditional job versus Network Marketing.

Why is it a good idea to embrace Network Marketing?

Job limitation.

There is a limit to the number of traditional jobs you can work in a day.

On the contrary, a Network marketer can work dozens of jobs in a day

for the simple reason that most of these jobs can be completed in

15 minutes or less.


Most traditional jobs require you to show up for work at a certain location.

This implies commuting which translates to travel expenses, as well as time

expenses. Commuting to work can eat up 1 hour or more of your time regardless

if you use public transportation or not.

On the other hand, Network marketers can perform their work anywhere

in the world as long as they have access to the Internet via their phones or laptops.

That is the beauty of Network Marketing, you can take vacation trips as often as you

wish, and still not miss one day of work.

Income security.

Most people who hold a traditional job, rely solely on the income provided

by that job. Usually the loss of employment easily translates to a loss of

livelihood for the great majority of workers in the world.

However, a Network marketer rarely has to face such an unfortunate

predicament. The simple reason being that their income is strategically

generated from multiple sources. They usually promote 1 or 2 primary

businesses, while at the same time they are affiliated with a legion of

companies in related or different industries. Money is always flowing to

their bank account.

Unlimited income potential.

If you hold a traditional job, your income is often dictated by the wishes

of your boss. You make as much as the boss is willing to pay you.

By contrast, Network marketers, to a great extent, decide how much they want

to earn. If they are happy with a couple of hundreds, thousands or even millions

monthly, then they will put the necessary efforts to generate that income.

Ease of business ownership.

It requires a lot of capital to open a business. Not only

that, most traditional businesses need to remain operational

for at least two years or more in order to become profitable.

So the risks of losing your investment are quite significant if

things do not unfold in the way you had envisioned.

On the contrary, you can be in business with $20 or less by

becoming an independent business owner (IBO) with a Network

Marketing company. Oftentimes, you can be in profit in a matter

of weeks if you put in the effort in building a strong organization, by

attracting the right business partners. Tell me, what would you

rather risk: $20 or several thousand of lifetime savings?


It is good to have a traditional job especially when you love what you

are doing for living. If you are one of those who are not too happy with

their profession, maybe you need to explore Network marketing for the reasons

cited above. It gives you so much freedom and choices that you can actually enter

the field as a part-timer. You need not quit your boring and stressing job in order

to pursue Network marketing, It will not interfere with your current occupation.

If anything, it may provide the strength to endure whatever dissatisfaction you

have to deal with at your job, by planting in you concrete hopes that one day

you will happily submit your resignation.