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Studying the people who have gotten rich, we find that they are an average lot in all respects, having no greater 

talents and abilities than other people have. It is evident that they do not get rich because they possess talents and abilities 

that others do not have, but because they happen to do things in a certain way.


If getting rich is the result of doing things in a certain way, and if like causes always produce like effects, then any man or woman 

who can do things in that way can become rich, and the whole matter is brought within the domain of exact science.


The question arises here as to whether this certain way may not be so difficult that only a few may follow it. As we have seen,

this cannot be true (as far as natural ability is concerned). Talented people get rich, and blockheads get rich; intellectually

brilliant people get rich, and very stupid people get rich; physically strong people get rich, and weak people get rich.


Some degree of ability to think and understand is, of course, essential, but insofar as natural ability is concerned, any man or 

woman who has sense enough to understand these words can certainly get rich.

– Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich


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