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FFA's, SEO (search engine optimization) and Backlinking

What does every affiliate internet marketer need. We all need more and more website traffic advertising. What is amusing about this is that there is all kinds of traffic every where. But we all still just don’t seem to have enough.

The biggest obstacle is perspective. How we look at things. If we only see it as the website owner/guru sees it then we might find ourselves falling short. Not all traffic sites are equal. Some do a great job of delivery and explaining alternate views of what is possible even though they are presenting the same offer as another owner.

Consider FFA (free for all) traffic sites. They will allow anyone to post without joining as a member. All you have to do is confirm your email. No problem, we confirm emails all the time as marketers. But this is where the problem or solution starts. Depending on the FFA you may receive a few promotional emails (OK) or 100 emails (not so good). So always send FFA confirmations to a secondary Gmail address (easy to filter and sort in Gmail).

Problem solved.

Depending on your membership level (free, member, pro member) your ability to receive a clickthrough is going to change. If the affiliate page or network you posted on is very popular then your ad may roll off the page quickly. Does that mean that no one saw your ad? Possibly. If real people are posting then real people saw your ad before they posted. If that site is full of bots do you lose? No not really. It depends on how you look at things.

As a completely free member posting on a site full of bots, you lose. Bots are of no value for you in that situation. As a regular or pro member you win, bots or preferably real people. How, you ask?
As a regular or pro member you will likely have a permanent placement for your text ad. Therefore every time that search engine optimized FFA gets indexed by the search engines so will your ad! Just make sure you do some keyword research and use that in your headline and description. Also make sure the clickthrough goes to a similar keyword relevant webpage. And on top of that backlink your affiliate FFA page with a submission service or posts from other websites.

So who cares about the bots. Problem solved.

Backlinking is like feeding the roots of a tree. Eventually over the course of 1 to 3 months your main website receives the benefit of your perspective.

Different FFA’s offer options that make it worthwhile to post on their site. Some actually check for real human activity such as the CAPTCHA requirement or email confirmation before each post. One of my favorites only confirms the email once every 7 days but only allows 1 post per page per day on a network of thousands of FFA of sites. On top of that your link is also posted in a traffic exchange owned by the same operator. This same FFA gives auto posting to pro members. Just set it and forget it.

Other sites have their own submission methods that make it worthwhile to post. You have to check each network to see what happens, but most of all join. Remember “the money is in the list” and for FFA’s and similar sites it’s “host don’t post”. Be the publisher even as an FFA affiliate.

It’s a similar idea with All In One Profits (AIOP). Become an affiliate as a AIOP publisher.

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