Welcome to Avazoo Associate Program (AAP)

What is Avazoo Associate Program (AAP)

Do You need to make more money for Your business? Have You ever lost out on an incredible opportunity to make more money for Your business? Would You like to boost Your sales and increase revenue, not by thousands of dollars, but by potentially MILLIONS OF DOLLARS?

The Avazoo Associate Program is your answer to dramatically increasing Your revenue. By helping us help charitable organizations around the world, you have the potential to make Millions of Dollars and it’s all for FREE!

Welcome to Avazoo, home of The Billion Dollar Raffle. Step Into the Opportunity of Your Lifetime. The World’s Greatest Fundraiser for Charitable Causes.

Avazoo has developed the FIRST EVER Worldwide Billion Dollar Raffle, and it is estimated to raise 3.5 billion Dollars, which will be directly distributed by our world-class philanthropy board, to benefit humanitarian causes globally!

Avazoo is are looking for retail outlets to Partner with us at Avazoo and be part of history being made, by helping us sell the 50 million tickets available for sale worldwide. Plus, Avazoo is limiting the number of Associate Partnerships available around the world, to help You increase Your ticket sales, which makes this an amazing opportunity RIGHT NOW!

Avazoo is making it SO EASY! 
You don’t even need to collect any cash or distribute any tickets. No money will be exchanged, all tickets will be sold and processed digitally using a QR Code with Your very own personal link to each individual Retail Outlet. All You need to do is post Your QR Code at the register, counters, tables, rooms, windows, gas pumps, wherever applicable depending on the type of Your Retail Outlet.

Then Your customers just scan Your QR Code to sign up and purchase their Avazoo Billion Dollar Raffle Ticket, in return You receive 5% of the Direct Ticket Sales! Ticket prices vary: $20, $50, $100, $1500, and $2500. All marketing materials designed with Your name and unique QR Code will be available for You to download and print for FREE, or You may upgrade and/or design Your own, but needs to be approved by Avazoo, and are available for purchase at a minimal cost.

It’s that simple, it is easy! Join the Avazoo Associate Program today.
First Prize: One Winner! One Check! $1 Billion Dollars (US$1,000,000,000)
Second Prize: 100 Individuals Will Receive $1 Million Dollars (US$1,000,000)
Avazoo Knows How! If you would be interested to Participate in the Avazoo Associate Program, click here now to request Details On how to get Started.