What I Love and hate about All In One Profits (AIOP)

Not sure if to love or hate AIOP? This can help you make up your mind.

Only, not all the money making opportunities make you money, All In One Profits is different. Also, if you have been running behind every shiny money making opportunity that promises you riches overnight, only you alone know how much money you have lost.

The amount of money making opportunities that show up daily, only to disappear in a couple of days, is alarming. If you are currently online to make money, you certainly have noticed this trend. To be candid, most of those money making opportunities hardly make it pass the 6th month mark. This seems to be a very lucrative practice, such that many have specialized in launching all kinds of businesses, only to disappear after they have collected enough money. Quite often, before you even get to know more about the opportunity, the site has disappeared and a new one is already in pre-launch with same principle.

The reasons why and how this is happening is something I can not discuss here, since this is article is about why I Love and hate about All In One Profits. But I thought this background information was important to understand why All In One Profits is different.

With that said, it is not by chance that All In One Profits has been around since 2012 and it is still online, growing daily and helping many people around the world put food on the table. Though I regret not joining All In One Profits since day one, or when it came to my attention, I am happy that I did join it at some point and the experience of being in this company changed my online perspective and my approach to build a sustainable long term business.

This is why I love All In One Profits:

1. It is not a get rich Quick opportunity: I know this is not particularly exciting why I would love an opportunity that will not make me rich over night. But this is the deal: Experience show that all those get rich quick schemes may get you a few dimes in the pocket overnight, but they equally collapse before you know it.

Worst of all, in collapsing, some even go with your money and end up even losing more money than you have made. All In One Profits is different, period. It does not promise to get you rich quick, but if you follow their recommendations, putting all the business building tools and services they provide together to work for you, you will gradually build a sustainable long term business for yourself with a strong foundation. Any business built on or with a solid foundation is bound to withstand any challenge.

2. All In One Profits makes Team Building and Campaign sharing Easy. I happen to belong to one of the most successful and dynamic teams within AIOP. During my years of being an AIOP affiliate, I realized many are taking advantage of the lucrative affiliate opportunity AIOP offers.

Promoting the AIOP affiliate opportunity as a team leads to more success. So to be able to provide credible information here, I reached out to the AIOP Support to ask how many teams they have within the company.

From the feedback I received, there are currently 19 team builds within the company, and we are today in June 2017, 5 years after the company launched.  These Teams are not associated with the company at all, but different groups of individuals that have come together, leveraging their various strengths to maximize commissions from the AIOP Income Opportunity.

Team building works pretty well and simple with All In One Profits, because marketing campaigns can easily be shared and that takes away the hassle many newbie marketers go through in an effort to create their own marketing materials/campaigns.

Belonging to one of the teams is also very helpful as most teams and their leaders are skilled marketers, very supportive and make sure that, apart from the support the company gives, they also support their team members.

This exceptional support makes it easy for everyone to succeed – makes money. Most teams too also provide training on how to best put the AIOP business building tools and services to good use for maximum benefit.

3. Very reliable and Customer oriented admins/owners. Not so many companies, at least I do not know of many, give you direct access to their CEO, who takes his or her time to respond to you personally. If you are looking for a company, where you can express your grievance directly to the CEO/owners, then AIOP is one of such companies.

4. Regular and Fast Commissions payout. The fastest commission payout after request, that I have ever received from any company has been from AIOP. Though from their TOS, they talk of up to 48 hrs window to pay out commissions, in my close to 5 years of being with this company, I have always received pay outs within 6 hours after I made my request. Not only does All In One Profits pays out fast, to the best of my knowledge, they have never missed a single pay out.

5. Security: Most companies, when they do not want to pay out your commissions, they claim to have sent your money to a phony  processor, saying it is you or claim someone must have hacked your account to withdraw your money.

Not that is does not happen, but some companies take advantage of this loophole to withhold your commissions. AIOP goes an extra mile to prevent this from happening, making sure that money is only paid out to the legitimate owner of the account.

This they do by only paying out to the processor used to make payment to them. Though they are kind of make an exception to make payments to a different processor other than the one, one uses to make payment to them, they do their due diligence to make sure they are paying to the right person.

This at least happened to me, when I requested pay our from a different IP other than the one I used to register with them, or the one I usually log in from, they reached out to me to verify, if I was the one that made the request.

It is a great feeling to know that, not only are you able to earn commissions, but also that those commissions will be paid out and to you?

6. Affordability: I love AIOP for its cheap business building tools. For just $10 monthly (excluding transaction fees), you can have access to all the industry”s leading business building tools to build any business and take to any level. Whether your business is online or offline, or you intend to build your business online or offline, the AIOP business tool will help you build and excel the growth of any business.

7. Very Lucrative Affiliate option: I call this AIOP dual functionality. It is like two opportunities in one, you decide which one to pick and run with.

You can decide to be an AIOP partner, just using the Business Building tools to build you other businesses or you could decide to be AIOP affiliate, using AIOP as your primary business, or you could decide to be both – Partner and Affiliate. Whatever you decide to be, you will be a winner always.

8. The possibility to use AIOP Business Building tools 100% FREE. Yes, AIOP business building tools costs only $10 monthly (excluding transaction fees) at the basic level, but when you share the opportunity with just one person, who decides to take advantage of the tools as well by paying $10 monthly, that $10 will go directly to you.

This means, at the time you refer just one person to use the AIOP platform, you will basically be using the AIOP business building tools and services for free, that is cool! Of course, if you decide to make AIOP one of your primary businesses, and constantly sharing the opportunity with others, even the sky will not be the limit to the amount of money you can make as AIOP affiliate. Refer to the AIOP affiliate Compensation plan for details.

9. All In One Profits’ mission is to make the world a better place of all. When I read about the various charities in which AIOP is involved, I was so impressed.

It gives a good feeling, spending money in a company, knowing part of that money is going to help some underprivileged people put food of the table, get medical attention, drink some clean water or dress warm.

As indicated on their site, 10% of all AIOP proceeds go to charity. This is amazing and just this aspect of doing good for people is a more than enough reason to love a company to death.

10. True Value. As I mentioned earlier, All In One Profits is different, and there is no doubt about the value in the products and services AIOP offers. This explains why All In One Profits is still around and growing stronger and stronger since 2012.

I think the reason most of these fly by night companies do not last is because they do not really offer any products with true value. When people can not use the products for which they are paying, or see any true value in them, they stop paying.

The consequence is that they quit and the company subsequently collapses. All In One Profits is different, those that criticized it at the beginning, are greatest advocates today.

If you want real business building tools and services, or an affiliate program that will make you sleep like a baby, then AIOP is the number one company to turn to.

What I hate about All In One Profits.

In fact, I have looked for every possible reason to hate at least something about All In One Profits. Sincerely, I can not find anything to hate about this company. Except for the fact that they provide too much value – lots of business building tools for a very low cost. If I were a company providing similar business building tools and services, I would certainly hate All In One Profits, but I am not.

I am kind of a lazy marketer and very reluctant to learn, so I think I could pretend to hate AIOP for providing so many tools, which is very overwhelming to me. I think even savvy marketers will agree with me about the excessive value All In One Profits is providing for pennies, which is actually a good thing. to use.

There isn’t anything I can hold against this company. The number of business building tools they provide, I can confidently tell you that not up to 10% of those that use AIOP tools and services to build their different businesses or use AIOP as their primary business, use up to 90% of the tools.

I know you would not like me, If I told you I hate AIOP because they are giving away too much this cheap, but I am not the one that hate them for this, other competing companies who offer similar products and services but exploit their customers by excessively charging them do.

But this companies hate AIOP not that AIOP is doing something wrong or bad, but  actually for the good AIOP is doing which is giving the opportunity to everyone, irrespective of background, experience or income level to be able to use their services to build sustainable business that can pay them daily for years.

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