What’s Earning BitCoin For Me !

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The reason being is everyone that participates in the PIF strategy earns their money back instantly that they use to PIF.

So IF you PIF 10 people which is the max you want to PIF. You earn every dollar right back.

Then $3 of those dollars are used for your next tier of earning (Group 2).

Once your first 10 PIF their 10, then you will earn your 2nd tier commissions as they complete their 10 PIF’s

Power PIF (pay-it-forward) Strategy
Explode Your Cash By Helping Others!! Up To 10x FASTER !!

*Keep in mind this is based on completed Groups for simplicity. However, you are earning AS-YOU-GO and Do Not have to Wait on a Group to fill completely (plus, you decide how many to PIF – illustration is based on Power PIF of 10).
You Earn AS-YOU-GO (as Seats are filled) !!
Our DazlinDolla system allows you to PIF any free member in your Direct Referrals.
So, why would you want to do this?
Check out the 10X FASTER strategy (based on everyone buying into the Power PIF Strategy for about $12 out of pocket).
1. Basically, everyone agrees to PIF 10 Seats – Total cost is about $10 for the Seats, a very low investment, that excelerates the process 10 fold !!
2. You spend avbout $10 one-time only to PIF 10 Seats, which equals a complete cycle of Group 1 and you’ve earned $10 back (we take the first $3 to upgrade your Seat to Group 2).
Basically, everyone spends $0 for massive success.
3. Those you bring on agree to Power PIF 10 Seats in their group to get the exact results you did from Steps 1 and 2.
4. When Your 10 Power PIF their 10 (out of pocket is $10, see Step 2), you have now advanced to Group 3 and have a completely filled Group 2 and earned $150 (less the $12 for your Seat in Group 3).
When the last group who just came on – Power PIF their 10, this will push you to a completed Group 3 and $6,000 !! .. and on to the really BIG MONEY!! When the last Group Power PIF their 10, you are basically – RICH !! (see below). . .
5. Again, Group 3 will pay you $6,000 when complete and get you a seat in the final Group 4 (where you receive $120,000 and coveted Seat in Stage 2 where you can max out at over $2 Million with the very same Seats filled from Stage 1).