Win a free Hash Tag worth $206 from Tag Protocol every single day.

If you missed bitcoin, this is bitcoin 2.0

Win a free Hash Tag worth $206 Courtesy of Tag Protocol every single day.

Tagprotocol is a DAO (Digital Autonomous Organization) on the Binance Smart Chain that gives you the possibility to register and own your own unique Hash Tag and based on its performance on the Social Media you get paid.

Just like you can register and own a domain name to use however you want, it is now possible to register and own any unique hash tag and earn hourly from it for the rest of your life.

Tagprotocol currently provides six services that range from:

  1. Hash tag registry
  2. Hash tag Auction
  3. Staking
  4. Performance oracle
  5. Tag exchange
  6. Decentralize Invitation Program

All the above services are meant to put money into your pocket. And all starts by you registering your own unique tag.

To sensitize the whole world about the great passive income opportunity Tagprotocol has created, prior to its official launch in July, Tagprotocol is currently running a daily giveaway of free hash tags. Every day from today till Tagprotocol launches, anyone interested can win a free Hash Tag worth $206.

You can go to this site each day and do some simple tasks there to accumulate entries to win free hashtags. You don’t even need to be a member of Hash Tag Protocol yet. Click here now to enter draw.

If you happen to be a lucky winner, $206 will deposited into your smart chain wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc) where you can then set up your Tagprotocol account and buy your hashtag.

This offer is open to everyone worldwide. It does not matter if you are already member of Tagprotocol or not. Simply participate, and if you win, you will get your $206 deposited into your wallet. From there, you could register another Hash Tag, if you were already member of Tagprotocol, or create your account to register your first Hash Tag, if you were not a member yet.

Of course, the $206 you win is yours as soon as it lands into your wallet. You can decide to do what ever you want with it, but it will be shortsighted, not to use it to register your own unique Has Tag. With your unique hash Tag, you are set to earn passive and growing income for life, without you doing anything else.

You can even re-sell this hash tag later at the Tag Exchange for a high price, or even auction it at the Hash Tag Auction. It is your choice, what to do with your tag later.

There are 41 more hashtags being given away before the staking begins on July 22, start today and you could be one of the lucky winners.

While you are waiting to win, the best performing hashtags are being registered by others. If you do not want to wait until you win, you can rush over to this link and register your favorite hashtag today.

Click here now to register your own Hash Tag Today.