Your Eternal Seed

Working Together And Together We Will Change Our Lives

This is a gifting activity with

Complete virtual back office

Checks and balances through online controls ensuring gifts are received

Easy access to members information for communication purposes

Amazing wealth creation potential

The most prolific group of leaders ever assembled in one activity creating unbelievable momentum for all

Level One $25 Gifts (Everyone Starts here, and will be the only time out of pocket (plus a one time $10 donation) $35 total one time

Level One $25 receive  $200

Level Two $100 Gifts receive  $800

Level Three $500 Gifts receive  $4,000

Level Four $1000 Gifts receive  $8,000

Level Five $3000 Gifts receive $24,000

Everyone starts at the $25 level

Once you enter this $25 level, your participation in Y.E S. Begins!

Every level you will receive gifts from 8 members

You will follow your Invitee through each level, and your Invitees will follow you, making this a real team effort.

Our automated system tracks your movement every step in real time!

Getting started in Your Eternal Seed

 Register here


Fill out this registration form, at the bottom of this page, click join

You will be redirected to the “Admin donation page” where there are 2 options there to send your is STP(solid trust pay) the other is for Bitcoin. These 2 options are automated and will redirect you to send the funds($10) There is a note there that if a new member needs an alternative payment method, they can send an email to  and in the subject line “I need and alternative payment method” YES offers google wallet, bluebird card and in some cases PayPal. Once you have chosen the offered methods, Admin will respond back with instructions to follow and once done, we will activate your account immediately

Now you can login to your back office and the first thing to do is click on “Board Placement” from your home page.

After board placement, you will have the information in a blue gift ticket that shows you the board # and the contact information of the receiver the member that is receiving gifts) and their gift preference..most members will have a few options for you to send the gift. Once the gift has been sent, the receiver will confirm your gift and you are all set and ready to advance into the receiving position as well.