Broke Affiliate marketers can still make money

I’m showing you how to make money online today with affiliate marketing using Clickbank. A friend of mine implemented this a couple of months ago and within a week he got from zero to a hundred dollars per day with Clickbank using this exact strategy. I’ll show you step by step how you can do this when you have no money at all.


This is a simple three-step process and you can pretty much get all of this up and running within a few hours. It’s not going to take you long at all. There’s lots of videos online but only a few of us know how to do this correctly. There is no need to spam or doing any of that stuff and you can actually make money with this method and I personally use them. Then I will explain three free traffic sources plus a bonus source that I’m going to show you at the end.  Then in Part 2 of the series, we will look at three free traffic methods sources that I used to grow one of my own blogs. I don’t spend anything on traffic and I’m going to show you the traffic sources inside this training. Now the traffic does not involve starting a YouTube channel That’s what everyone tells you to do, but I understand that most people don’t want to do YouTube They don’t want to talk on camera.  They don’t show their face, so we’re not going to talk about that There are other methods and we’re not going to go and spread our affiliate links everywhere because that just doesn’t work



Step 1- Find your niche product from the Clickbank

Number one that is finding the niche and the offer. There’s four niches that I find very profitable and these make the most money:

-Fitness and health – Massive profitable niche probably way bigger than internet marketing

-Cryptocurrency and stock trading.

-MMO (Make Money Online) So how to make money online courses

-SAAS (software as a service) software like WordPress plugins, click funnels, web hosting.


So I would recommend sticking to the basics and doing health fitness crypto stock trading MMO or SAAS. That’s how you’re gonna make the good money. Alright, so let’s jump into Clickbank now if you’re here you probably know what Clickbank is but if you don’t this is an affiliate website where people upload their Products and you can promote those products for a commission and we have all sorts of niches down here But like I said, we’re going to stick to we’ll stick to the top one and this and we’ll go with health and fitness Okay.


1 Sign up for your Clickbank account and choose your niche product. Setup your Clickbank Account with correct bank information and so forth.


2 Go to Marketplace and look for products with high average sales How much you’re going to get per sale? Now it’s not always you’ll see down here.


3 Cheaper products convert better in the long run You make more money through more sales and you put in same effort to make more money.


4 Higher the gravity the better.

If a product says 263 gravity.  That means that 263 people have sold this product in the last 30 days or 28 days. So that means that this product is making money


5 Study the Affiliate Page to strategize

Look for images, some videos they have Interviews that you can use this is why it’s a great product They have everything you need banners product images.  Look for any discounts from the affiliate page


Make sure it looks good Now this one in particular does not have a lot of information that doesn’t matter They’re using what we call a VSL, a video sales letter So this video will do the selling for us so they don’t need anything else on the page.


Okay, this is really easy to promote this.  You just click promote, but wait. This is when everyone goes wrong. They go and get their tracking link and they just go and spam it online. It’s the wrong way to do it.  You’re going to really annoy people and you might only make a couple of sales, but it’s not a long-term thing. You can actually make a good weekly income by following our three step method. Follow along.



Step 2 – Create a bridge page (using a free page)

I would recommend having your own website on a paid hosting for best result because it gives you a lot more advantages. But we’re gonna do it for free in this and this is really all you need for now when you’re starting out. We go to a website called and create a free website.


We’re going to be creating a blog post for back linking. We’re gonna be creating one or two articles and the articles are going to bring traffic to these articles by using our Step 3. We’re going to pursuance people into purchasing the product and this is how we’re going to do it guys.


First, we’re going to create a hook.

The hook is going to be the problem So we’re going to find people online who have a problem:  One example would be to lose weight. Then we’re going to persuade them into purchasing our product by offering them the solution. In this example, we’re going to sell clothes.

Then, we’re going to close by using scarcity factor.

We have all seen the ads where it tells us to buy now because this is going to close soon. We offer a coupon that no one else is offering them so that we can help them to buy now. Your hook should be for three or four hundred words of you know, this is your problem. Then we go to the second thing which is to get them into a sale.  We’re going to offer them a coupon.


So it doesn’t take long to write this stuff. It’s all free. It’ll take you half an hour to an hour to write out an article. It’s really simple to do it’s not harder at all. If you don’t know how to write or not confident with writing your own articles, go and find other websites promoting this and basically replicate what they do.


Affiliate page will have an article or two for its affiliate to use but they’re probably not the best to use. Honestly, write your own and give it your own kind of feel and talking and just make it yours. You can put in your own logo by making it online; with a free logo makers. Edit the sidebar to create a banner or a pop up on the side of your blog.  It’s always good to add an image But what I would do guys is go add a banner. Select files go to my downloads and upload images of the product and put your affiliate link in here so when people click on this image they go through to your Clickbank product and you make the Commission. I highly recommend using any discounted link and you replace this with your Clickbank username and that will be your link. You can put in your contact information in your about us page.


You have to persuade them into a sale by offering a solution. The hook was the problem. Then the clothes is going to be your solution. You’ve made this, we have a discount for you if you get on this today before you leave, okay? That’s how you make the money Alright, so that is the step number two of the three-step system on how to make money on Clickbank


Now, what do you do for traffic? This is where everyone seems to get stuck Anyone can find a product to sell and most affiliates will just throw their link out there. It’s not gonna work because Google and places where you get traffic from is a pretty good system of detecting those things and you’ll probably just keep getting banned.  So what do you do? You have the product you have the website you need to have the website. That’s the important part. That’s the bridge page That’s the middleman. That’s what’s going to make you look legitimate.



Okay now?  I use Free traffic systems, which I will cover in my Part 2 blog.